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Based on Greg Jarboe's recently released “YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day, 2nd Edition”, this video marketing course covers the absolute latest trends and tips. You'll learn what kind of content goes viral, why viewers connect with brands via video, and how analytics can help you understand and achieve your online marketing goals. In today's media-rich culture, leaving yourself out of the video market is leaving yourself out in the cold.


  • Outlining Your YouTube Marketing Strategy
  • Identifying Who Discovers New Videos
  • Getting Your Videos Discovered
  • Why Are Your Videos Worth Discovering
  • How to Leverage YouTube Analytics
  • Identifying Who Shares New Videos
  • What You Can Do To Get Your New Videos Shared
  • Where And When To Explore YouTube Alternatives
  • Why Are Your Videos Worth Sharing
  • Measuring Business Outcomes
  • Keeping Up With the Changes (It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over)

Approximately 8-10 hrs over a 3 month period
**You have 90 days from time of registration to access your course

Outlining Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

  • How online video can boost in-store sales
  • Why your videos are not going viral
  • What you need in addition to views in order to succeed
  • How video-sharing sites have changed the communication model
  • Tools and tips for creating your new YouTube account

Identifying Who Discovers New Videos

  • How early adopters differ from later adopters
  • The rate of adoption for new videos
  • How to find the significant discovery events using Video Statistics
  • How videos get embedded by bloggers

Getting Your Videos Discovered

  • How optimization helps your videos get discovered in both YouTube and Google search results
  • How to find monthly search volumes of specific keywords
  • What different audiences do on YouTube
  • How to optimize your content’s titles, descriptions and tags

Knowing Where and When to Customize Your Channel

  • The different channel templates and features on YouTube
  • How features like the feed and playlists add to your channel
  • How the YouTube Partner Program can help
  • Why and how to build a Brand Channel

Why are your Videos Worth Discovering

  • Why and how to make the beginning of your videos compelling to your video
  • What production resources YouTube offers its uses
  • How YouTube Analytics lets you asses your channel’s performance and investigate trends
  • The different ads on YouTube that can help expand your reach

How to Leverage YouTube Analytics

  • How to use the reports in YouTube Analytics to your advantage
  • About the Traffic Sources report to see how users found your content
  • How you’ve gained or lost subscribers and why
  • How to take action based on your report findings

Identifying Who Shares New Videos

  • What percent of online video viewers share videos they find
  • The role opinion leaders play in the diffusion of new YouTube videos
  • How opinion leaders differ from their followers

What You Can do to Get Your Videos Shared

  • How to involve your audience to increase their engagement
  • How and why to use blog outreach to increase viewership and sharing
  • About specific case studies that will encourage you with relevant examples of what can be achieved

Where and When to Explore YouTube Alternatives

  • Three of the other popular video-sharing sites in the US
  • Four other global video properties
  • The video platforms used to integrate YouTube into websites and blogs
  • Three of the most popular online video ad properties

Why Are Your Videos Worth Sharing

  • The four types of videos that get shared
  • How to provide intrinsic value to viewers with your videos
  • The types of videos you do not want being shared
  • What you can do to stop potentially harmful videos for spreading

Measuring Business Outcomes

  • How small businesses can launch themselves to the top
  • What’s happening behind the statistics and what they mean
  • How to bring attention to yourself and your business with humor and interest

Keeping Up With the Changes (It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over)

  • How to keep up with change
  • Specific advice for small business owners
  • Specific advice for YouTube Partners and Creators
  • How to end strong with your videos

YouTube and Marketing Video Test

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Greg Jarboe

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