Intro to Digital Media and Display Advertising
Digital advertising has become a key part of the marketing mix for brands. Today’s marketer needs to be ready to understand the new digital advertising landscape.


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  • The DMI seminar will be immediately useful to me as Campaign Manager. The seminar included great examples of best practices as well as pitfalls to avoid. I came away with some great ideas to improve existing campaigns and exciting ideas for new campaigns.
    Julie, Campaign Manager
  • This seminar covered so much in such a short time so effectively. The examples discussed were so timely and relevant and you get to actually see the results. You will take away actual methods not just “should do’s”. I was incredibly pleased with this seminar- worth it!
    Morgan, Campaign Manager
  • Our presenter was excellent as an instructor and made each and every topic easy to understand, or at least grasp if it wasn't my particular focus in my job role. I feel I am coming away wit lots of useful tools and information to incorporate within my team.
    Lizabeth, Sr. Marketing Editor
  • This course has been extremely helpful in deepening my knowledge on key & relevant topics in todays marketing world. The topics and examples were relevant and easily relatable and understood.
    Jenna, Account Coordinator
  • There was a lot of good information offered in these 3 days. Seminar is put together very well. Presenter was very knowledgeable, articulate and a great instructor.
    Virginia, Marketing Manager
  • Our instructor was a wonderful presenter! Very animated & had a great speaking voice. She was extremely knowledgeable of the material & explained in an "easy to understand" way. She used many "common" examples too, to help demonstrate her points. would gladly take more courses with this instructor!
    Jennifer, Marketing Manager
  • Well worth the time and it is great to have an opportunity to get refreshed and reinvigorated after being a marketing professional for 13 years.
    Elisabeth, Director Sales & Marketing
  • I learned a lot in a short period of time. Many things that were discussed in the course are the main issues I'm facing today and the instructor provided great insight into each issue and even made a great effort to relate topics to the individuals line of business so it made sense.
    Jennifer, Marketing Specialist

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