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Direct Voice PAC

ANA is the world’s leading independent organization for data-driven marketers. Our vision is for a world in which every marketer has the ability to provide their customers with exactly what they need, at precisely the right moment when they need it.

ANA’s Political Action Committee (PAC), Direct Voice PAC, is the marketing industry’s leading PAC. Founded in 1993 and funded through voluntary contributions from eligible member company employees, its sole purpose is to elect non-partisan candidates for federal office who support policies and legislation that advances and protects responsible data-driven marketing. These issues include on-line privacy, taxes, data-security, postal-reform, and patent reform to name a few.

Direct Voice PAC is a commitment to protecting marketers’ current and future ability to do business. By combining our resources, ANA is far more effective in protecting its members’ interests when the PAC can build relationships with, and educate key policy-makers in responsible marketing polices. For more information on Direct Voice PAC, please contact Mark Micali at mmicali@ana.net OR 202-997-2794.

Criteria for Giving

Direct Voice takes a number of factors into consideration in determining the distribution of PAC funds, below are just a few of those factors. Direct Voice is a non-partisan committee and supports Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

  • The candidate’s position and/or voting record on issues of interest to ANA members, issues involving the private, public and nonprofit enterprise system and on economic and social questions of local, state, national or international importance
  • Whether the candidate holds a leadership or policy-making position in his party or on a legislative committee or is likely to hold such a position in the future
  • The nature and strength of the candidate’s opposition in the primary or general election

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