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Telesales can be one of the most effective strategies. Further, if done properly, it can help you build long term positive and profitable relationships with your customers, and help to ensure your company’s long term success. This module presents the critical Dos, Don’ts and How Tos of telesales in a way that is clear, concise, and simple to understand and follow.


  • Create an understanding of how to write scripts that capture the prospects’ interest, respond effectively to the concerns that might impede the sale, and that result in sales that are consistently closed and paid
  • Explain how to apply the keys to telesales success to both outbound and inbound telesales
  • Describe what is needed to do to prepare for the calling, and how to analyze its success
  • Show how to integrate telesales with other sales and marketing tactics to optimize results
  • Describe the keys elements you should consider in caller recruitment, caller training, call center staffing and call scheduling
  • Explain other important considerations you will need to address in order to maximize the value of telesales to your company

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced

Part 1 - Preparation & Call Follow Up

  • Preparation before the call
    • How do you choose the right prospects to call?
    • What do you need to do to prepare before the call?
    • Employing multi-channel tactics: Should you write a letter, send an email or engage on a social network before calling?
    • How can you effectively integrate telesales with other sales media?
  • Follow up & evaluation
    • What do you do if the payment doesn't come in?
    • Should you test, and how should you analyze the results

Part 2 - Recruitment, Training and Management

  • Recruitment
    • How do you recruit good call reps?
    • What are the qualities of an effective call rep?
  • Training & management
    • How should you train the call reps?
    • Why is call monitoring so important?
    • When and how should you retrain call reps?
    • How should you evaluate the call reps?
    • Why is supervision so important, and what is the proper supervisor to call rep ration?
    • Why should you focus on your cost per contact and/or your cost per hour?
    • Should you use an outbound predictive dialer?
    • What time of day, and what days of the week, should expect the best results from calls?
    • How many times should your reps attempt to reach each prospect?

Part 3 - The Call

  • The script:
    • What are the key elements of the successful script?
    • How should the caller close in order to secure the sale?
    • How can your caller get the payment on the phone?
    • How do you up-sell and cross-sell?
  • Other Scripting Considerations
    • Why is urgency important, and how do you add urgency to your message?
    • Should you try to sell more than one product in the same call?
    • What are the similarities and differences between outbound and inbound and how does that impact the call?
    • What are the similarities and differences between telesales scripts and tele-fundraising scripts?
    • How should the script be delivered, and should call reps be required to follow the script word for word?
  • Objection Responses
    • How should your call reps respond to objections, concerns or questions raised by the customer?
    • How should your call reps respond to customer objections when they are unstated?
    • Why is the negotiation so important, and how can your call reps effectively negotiate the sale?
  • Fostering the Relationship
    • Why is building relationships so important?
    • What are some relationship building tactics?
    • How important is follow up?

Part 4— Other important considerations

  • When should you outsource your calling, and when should you do it in-house?
  • When should you sell on the phone, and when should you sell in person?
  • When is a multi-call sales approach best?
  • If the customer buys on the phone, will you always have to call him/her to make future sales?
  • Should you consider asking for a recurring automatic sale?
  • What are the similarities and differences in telesales around the world?
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