Research and Testing in Marketing

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Learn how to identify and use vital research resources, develop a sound testing framework for each medium you use, and apply multivariate analysis when testing new offers, creative, and lists. You’ll get a “how to” guide on effective research and testing techniques, plus a detailed explanation of the types of research used to improve direct marketing.


  • The importance of marketing research and message testing implementation
  • What is message testing and why we need it
  • Email testing

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced


Marketing Research

  • How direct marketing research works and how it is useful
    • Hypothesis, data gathering, analysis, conclusion, testing, generalization, roll-out
  • Where research is useful
    • Predicting likely buyer
    • Identifying those who will defect
    • Finding the next best product for one customer or prospect
  • Additional research methods to analyze your audience
    • Attitudinal research
    • Quadrant analysis
    • Competitive analysis
  • Gaining budget for research using lifetime value (LTV)
    • What is lifetime value?
    • Using LTV to improve retention

Message Testing

  • Definition and four phases
    • Exploratory research
    • Pretesting
    • Roll-out of your best shot
    • Analysis of your results
  • A/B split tests
    • What are controls?
    • The difference between controls and a control group
    • Record book sample
    • Testing mathematics
  • Email testing
    • Subject line
    • Random noise
    • Personalization
    • Offer
    • Don't look only at conversions
    • Multivariate testing
    • Multivariate vs. A/B
Arthur Middleton Hughes
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