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    On-Demand course are just that. You pick the time and the place and go at your own pace. Take control of your learning.

On-Demand Courses

Short on time, but need some fresh, up-to-date marketing knowledge that you can put right to work? We’ve got you covered. Our e-learning modules will give you expert knowledge fast, conveniently at your own computer. Choose any or all of the courses listed and continue to expand your expertise in literally minutes.

Like these courses? Want more depth or to earn a certification? Use the online coursework you complete toward becoming a DMA Certified Marketing Professional.

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Course TopicInstructorLocationType
NEW! Digital DisplayFacilitated by Gina ScalaOnlineOn-Demand
DMA Certified Marketing ProfessionalMultipleOnlineOn-Demand
Advanced Database MarketingArthur Middleton HughesOnlineOn-Demand
Advanced Email MarketingKaren TalaveraOnlineOn-Demand
Advanced Marketing MetricsHeidi CohenOnlineOn-Demand
Business-to-Business MarketingRuth StevensOnlineOn-Demand
NEW! Content MarketingChristine Fleming McIsaacOnlineOn-Demand
Database MarketingArthur Middleton HughesOnlineOn-Demand
Direct Mail CampaignsRon JacobsOnlineOn-Demand
NEW! Email MarketingKaren TalaveraOnlineOn-Demand
Creative CopywritingChristine Fleming McIsaacOnlineOn-Demand
SEO CertificationMatt Bailey & Todd MalicoatOnlineOn-Demand
Conversion Optimization CertificationBryan EisenbergOnlineOn-Demand
Integrated MarketingChris HarrisOnlineOn-Demand
Internet Marketing FundamentalsMultipleOnlineOn-Demand
KPI Analysis and TechniquesAvinash KaushikOnlineOn-Demand
Marketing MetricsHeidi CohenOnlineOn-Demand
Mobile MarketingMatthew ValleskeyOnlineOn-Demand
Mobile Marketing CertificationJeff HasenOnlineOn-Demand
Web Analytics CertificationAvinash Kaushik, John MarshallOnlineOn-Demand
Offers and PropositionsRon JacobsOnlineOn-Demand
Relationship Marketing IErnan RomanOnlineOn-Demand
Relationship Marketing IIErnan RomanOnlineOn-Demand
Research and Testing in MarketingArthur Middleton HughesOnlineOn-Demand
Retail and E-CommerceRon JacobsOnlineOn-Demand
PPC CertificationBrad GeddesOnlineOn-Demand
Social CRMNeil FeinsteinOnlineOn-Demand
Social Media CertificationMultipleOnlineOn-Demand
Social Media MarketingSloane KelleyOnlineOn-Demand
Telesales MarketingRich FoxOnlineOn-Demand
Viral MarketingJennifer Evans CarioOnlineOn-Demand
Web and Search Engine MarketingMatt BaileyOnlineOn-Demand
YouTube and Video MarketingGreg JarboeOnlineOn-Demand