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The mobile channel for direct marketing is unique and continues to expand. In this course, you'll explore examples of successful mobile marketing campaigns and determine how mobile can become a key element in a fully integrated campaign. Participants will study leading mobile adoption metrics and four strategic approaches to engage customer targets. In addition, you'll identify industry best practices, rules and regulations, and understand how the overall mobile marketing approval process works.


  • Defining mobile marketing and how it fits in with marketing
  • Understanding the unique nature of mobile as a channel and its relationship with other media and marketing programs
  • Mobile by the numbers
  • A review of common mobile marketing programs

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced

1. Getting Started with Mobile Marketing

  • What mobile marketing is and is not
  • How to add mobile as part of your marketing strategy
  • What is the landscape for mobile marketing
  • What is the mobile marketing eco-system - what are the key components
  • Understanding the different forms of mobile marketing
    • SMS/Text
    • QR codes
    • Mobile apps
    • Mobile websites
    • Location based marketing
    • Mobile email
    • Mobile display ads
    • Mobile search

2. Planning a Mobile Marketing Campaign

  • What is your mobile strategy- Defining your plan and objectives
  • What are the costs involved with a mobile campaign

3. Develop Mobile Content

  • What type of content are mobile users looking for?
  • How do I prepare content for use over a mobile device
  • Sending content via SMS or MMS
  • Providing mobile applications, mobile enhancements, games, applications
  • Developing a mobile website
  • Methods of monetizing the mobile channel

4. Tracking a Mobile Marketing Campaign and ROI

  • Building your mobile marketing database
  • Creating profiles
  • Campaign metrics
  • Calculating ROI
  • Managing feedback
  • Testing and measurement

5. Mobile Commerce

  • Providing the 'click and buy' experience, including...
  • Payment systems and collection of payments by PSMS
  • Credit card authorization and barcodes for couponing and ticketing
  • Auction bidding
  • Account top-ups and mobile banking
  • Fraud alerts and new credit card registrations
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