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Discover how to calculate acquisition and retention using basic metrics with step-by-step examples and exercises. Become skilled at tracking, monitoring, and measuring the response of your direct marketing. You'll learn basic direct marketing math and finance analysis, as well as how to apply this new knowledge for your company's benefit.


  • Acquisition campaign metrics
  • Retention campaign metrics
  • Putting direct marketing results into context

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced

DM Results: Steps to Analyze

  • Count things
  • Collect over standard time periods
  • Put things in relationship to each other
  • Examine trends
  • Monitor results over time

Acquisition campaign Metrics

  • What is included?
    • Numbers to count
    • Cost to consider
    • Timing
    • Rates
  • Direct mail specifics
    • Merge/purge monitoring
    • Sales rates
    • Shipping and handling isn't free
  • Email
    • Costs
    • Trends

Retention Campaign Metrics

  • What is included?
    • Numbers to count
    • Time periods
    • Rates
    • Trends
  • Catalog space/page analysis

Putting Results in Context

  • Tracking results against goals
  • Influencing profitability
Heidi Cohen
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