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Today's marketers are expected to know the latest in a wide variety of marketing methods, selling techniques and delivery channels – from traditional methods to the latest in mobile and digital applications.

Ensure you are armed with a clear strategy in the ever-changing marketing landscape with DMA Certification & Certificate Programs, designed for you by experts at IBM, Macy's, St. John's University, Columbia University and more.

DMA offers a range of marketing certificate and certification programs designed to support you as a leading marketer and provide you with options that best complement your time, budget, and professional goals.

Marketing Certification Program

Marketing Strategy Team

DMA Certified Marketing Professional

Our core marketing certification on the 360 degree view of marketing is the milestone that will help you take your career to the next level and benefit you for years to come. The gold standard, DCMP (the DMA Certified Marketing Professional program) equips you with over 30 hours of leading marketing training, providing you with the foundation you need to advance your marketing know-how.

Whether your focus is mobile marketing or print, digital marketing or direct mail, data or content – expert know-how and skills are your #1 asset. In this comprehensive program, you’ll get in-depth, step-by-step instruction from today’s top experts. You’ll learn how to attract and keep new customers through all media channels. And you’ll come away with cutting-edge techniques to build your brand, create a truly integrated marketing effort, and increase your revenue.

Marketing Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs provide you with the essentials you need to build your know-how in specific marketing topic areas, and are ideal for those marketers who want a deeper dive into a particular area of expertise, or who may not have the time to devote to a full certification.

DMA’s marketing certificate programs guide you through 8-9 hours of focused learning from top experts in the field, with optional pre- and post-work built into the program.

Integrate proven strategies for using well-written copy to build and sustain customer relationships and your brand. Master the fundamentals of copywriting across all media – from direct mail and email to social media, the web, and publicity.

As an industry, we must remain vigilant when it comes to protecting customer data and ensuring the ability to market responsibly. Learn the critical issues pertaining to good data governance as it relates to all aspects of marketing, and what you need to know in order to remain in compliance for data protection given the current technological and regulatory climate.

Improve your marketing strategy and increase ROI by learning to target beyond demographics and segments to gain a clearer picture of your customers and their attitudes throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
Powered by: Marist College

Get prepared for digital success and gain practical, actionable insights on website optimization, search, email, online advertising, content marketing, gamification, social, mobile and emerging media.

Learn the art and science of a customer journey map and how to construct one for your own business, in order to fully understand the customer experience and what needs to be done to improve it.

We bring together today’s leading minds in omnichannel, programmatic and online/offline marketing techniques – to equip you with key insights and takeaways in the areas of strategy, channel use, programmatic advertising, and more.
Powered by: MediaMath & Optikal

Today’s marketing must be all about the customer. Know the keys to properly segment and communicate with your audience, so that you can effectively market to them and deliver targeted products and services.
Powered by: Marist College

In this deep dive into marketing analytics, you’ll learn how data collection, analysis, assessment and the use of data can empower you in making key marketing and business decisions.

Learn how and why content has become king in today’s marketing, and the tools you need to develop a strategic process for leveraging your content assets across diverse marketing channels.

Design and develop your own CRM strategy and database using best-in-practice metrics, measurement, and analyses for effective campaign management. Measure and track your internal KPIs, and present your CRM metrics clearly to any audience, from peers to clients to senior executives. Use profiling, RFM and predictive modeling to enhance your data-driven marketing campaigns.

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What is the difference between a Certificate & Certification?

DMA Certificate ProgramDMA Certification
Provides supplemental education / training in one particular aspect of a given fieldDemonstrates mastery of specific knowledge or competency, and assures a baseline knowledge of that competency
Certificates are not time-bound Provides a time-bound qualification for those who successfully meet the criteria
Certificate programs do not require demonstration of continued competence and are not eligible for renewal statusIndividuals who have achieved certification (and who are therefore certified) are required to demonstrate continued competence in the subject in order to retain/renew their qualification status
Awarded to participants who can show they have met the learning outcomesAwarded to participants who can show they have met the learning outcomes
8-9 hours concentrated learning in a specific topic area30+ hours of applied learning covering 360 degree view of the marketing lifecycle

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DMA also offers a wide range of other courses in all marketing topics. Check us out online or talk with one of our team members about how you can BE MORE with DMA Education!

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