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The mobile channel for direct marketing is unique and continues to expand. In this course, you'll explore examples of successful mobile marketing campaigns and determine how mobile can become a key element in a fully integrated campaign. Participants will study leading mobile adoption metrics and four strategic approaches to engage customer targets. In addition, you'll identify industry best practices, rules and regulations, and understand how the overall mobile marketing approval process works.


  • Defining mobile marketing and how it fits in with marketing
  • Understanding the unique nature of mobile as a channel and its relationship with other media and marketing programs
  • Mobile by the numbers
  • A review of common mobile marketing programs

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced

The Ins and Outs of Mobile

  • A Level-Setting Overview
    • What is mobile marketing
    • Mobile products
      • Messaging
      • Mobile web
      • Mobile apps
      • Mobile advertising
      • Mobile search
    • How to decide what to use
  • Mobile’s Role in Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty
    • Mobile user behaviors and interests
    • The customer journey and increased expectations
    • Integrating mobile in marketing programs
    • Knowing the target audience
    • How much mobile costs
  • Refining Your Mobile Strategy To Focus On The Most Meaningful KPIs
    • What determines success
    • Mobile KPIs
    • KPIs withing mobile advertising

Mobile Strategies

  • Optimizing Your Web Presence on Mobile
    • Types of mobile websites
    • Options of building sites
    • Responsive design and alternatives
    • Actionable steps
  • Driving User Acquisition and Engagement Via Mobile Apps
    • Mobile apps
    • User acquisition
    • Paid, owned and earned media strategies
    • Getting users to engage, re-engage
    • The app gap
  • Creating and Running Mobile Advertising Programs
    • Buying programmatically
    • What are you buying?
    • Choices you’ll typically make
    • Issues
    • KPIs for mobile advertising
  • Assessing Location-Based Marketing Options and Running Successful Programs
    • Location-based marketing
    • Fundamental principles
    • From triangulation To geofences
    • WiFi
    • Beacons

The Customer Journey Across Mobile

  • Mobile Content and The Customer Journey
    • The multiple-screen effect
    • The motivation of mobile users
    • Content and storytelling
    • Concentrating on the user experience
    • Bottom-line thinking
  • Tools and Tactics for Personalized Experiences
    • Getting to one-to-one marketing
    • Mobile loyalty clubs
    • The rules
    • Marketing automation
    • Employed data scientists
  • Key Takeaways
    • The Mobile User Demands More
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Jeff-HasanJeff Hasen
Jeff Hasen has counseled businesses of all sizes, enabling them to define their mobile strategy, establish or further their mobile project roadmap, and identify additional business growth opportunities. Through his work, companies have become equipped to manage the prioritization of mobile cross-channel solutions that facilitate sales and drive customer loyalty.

Named a top Chief Marketing Officer on Twitter (@jeffhasen), Jeff is the author of the book, Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices, from Wiley Publishing. His blog on mobile and its impact on marketers is often named one of the top in the category. Jeff has spoken across the world more than 150 times on his core belief that everything and nothing has changed with mobile – marketers still need to sell more stuff and it is simply the how that is different. Read more about Jeff Hasen.

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