Loyalty Strategy for Business Leaders

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Join us for this new loyalty marketing strategy course, where you’ll discover what it takes to foster loyal customers, reduce attrition, and improve profitability. Immerse yourself in a fun and interactive gaming environment and see how your decisions compare to your fellow loyalty practitioners.

Our expert facilitator, COLLOQUY Research Director Jeff Berry, will explore the worlds of retail and financial services during this interactive 2-day certification course. You’ll work to maximize ROI with our innovative loyalty strategy simulation through a new and enjoyable training experience.

We guarantee you’ll leave with the skills and techniques to develop a loyalty strategy that recognizes and rewards your best customers—whether you’re a key player in an existing program, optimizing your existing proprietary program, or considering which loyalty strategy is right for your company.

Since 1999, over 1,000 executives have attended and profited from DMA and COLLOQUY partner workshops. You get the combined strengths and training leadership of two outstanding organizations.


  • Create a strategic framework to guide your loyalty program
  • Turn loyalty into your competitive weapon and design the ultimate loyalty value proposition
  • Estimate costs of your loyalty program and evaluate results on a financial basis

2 Days

Day 1: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Why loyalty?

  • Learn about the power of data, how it drives consumer engagement and, ultimately, a higher ROI.

Where is loyalty going?

  • Learn how the industry has evolved and what trends are important to watch.

Where are you now?

  • With the understanding of how your business fits into the competitive landscape, learn how a loyalty strategy with clear objectives and a focus on best customers helps to you stand out from the crowd.

What should you consider in designing your loyalty strategy?

  • Explore the key features and environmental factors to consider in your loyalty strategy including how to incorporate your customer goals, selecting the best loyalty model, prioritizing customer motivators, and cultivating customer engagement.

Where do you need to dedicate your resources?

  • From budgeting and determining your investment approach to selling loyalty to your Finance department, you will learn the essential decisions and approaches needed to create a secure loyalty strategy for your business.

Day 2: 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
So how will my business execute a strategy?

  • Design a loyalty strategy through our simulation technology and learn the implications and trade-offs of your decisions through a fun, interactive full day exercise.
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    • I know budgets are tight, but this is an opportunity that pays for itself instantly. A single tip from any of the DMA seminar could pay for the costs of the whole training. I’ll be learning secrets from practicing experts and industry thought leaders.


    • I'll become more proficient in industry best practices, as well as on the latest tactics and technologies in today’s ever‐evolving marketing landscape. From direct mail to data governance, social media to email marketing; the DMA has all of our needs covered.


  • I can share what I learned after the seminar; maybe host a brown‐bag working lunch and present the team with all the new techniques, strategies, and ideas I’ll come back with. Combining my own notes and ideas with the session handouts provided by the DMA, I'll have plenty of inspiration and information to share when I return. Besides… this’ll allow everyone to get trained all for the price of sending just one person; and the team will definitely appreciate the opportunity to find out about the latest strategies used by many of our competitors today.


Still presenting itself as a hard sell? Inform your boss that your course can go on their accomplishments at the end of the year for their review: "Trained staff to improve results!" This is a win/win.

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Team Members from COLLOQUY
The Voice of the Loyalty Marketing Industry since 1990, COLLOQUY comprises a collection of resources devoted to the global loyalty marketing industry. Read More

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