Live Online Marketing Courses

DMA’s live online talent development opportunities deliver an unparalleled experience designed to provide an exclusive means to interact and learn from our expert instructors and fellow colleagues.They are a convenient, cost-effective option for you to meet your training needs. We offer an impressive selection of topics and the freedom to attend from virtually anywhere you can access the internet. Live online sessions are held for only 6 weeks for up to 90 minutes once a week!

Course Instructor Course Category Location
Advanced B2B Demand Generation & Lead Conversion Laurie B. Beasley B2B Marketing Live Online
Copywriting Essentials Christine Fleming McIsaac & Clare Harrison Copywriting Live Online
Customer Experience Marketing Ernan Roman CRM and Database Marketing Live Online
Integrated Marketing Multiple Integrated Marketing Live Online
NEW! Multichannel Measurement Chuck McLeester Marketing Analytics New York, NY and Live Online
Psychology-Based Marketing Jeanette McMurtry CRM and Database Marketing In-Person and Live Online
NEW! Search Engine Marketing Demystified Scott Ellis & Alan Hamor SEM & PPC New York, NY