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It's hard to know which metrics are the most effective...and which are a waste of time. For years, analysis revolved around tracking total and unique visitors, but things have become a great deal more sophisticated. In this short course, Avinash attacks analytics training with a comprehensive introduction to defining and measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) -- one of the absolute cornerstones of Web Analytics analysis -- giving a solid foundation for more advanced analytics strategies.


  • Key Performance Indicators Simplified
  • Unactionable KPI Analysis Techniques
  • Understanding KPIs Through Email Marketing Analytics

Bonus Articles

  • Your Web Metrics: Super Lame or Super Awesome?
  • Kill Useless Web Metrics: Apply the "3 Layers of So What" Test

Approximately 4-6 hrs over a 3 month period
**You have 90 days from time of registration to access your course

Key Performance Indicators Simplified, Part 1

  • The definition of KPI
  • Why great KPIs are uncomplex
  • Why great KPIs are relevant
  • Why great KPIs are timely
  • Why great KPIs are instantly useful
  • Examples of key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators Simplified, Part 2

  • The most important question you need to answer in web analytics
  • The difference between macro and micro conversions
  • How to present your KPIs to drive action
  • How segmentation makes your KPIs more useful
  • Why less is more when it comes to KPI dashboards
  • Why your KPI will differ from your competitors
  • Why there is no perfect KPI
  • Why KPI turnover is a good thing

Unactionable KPI Analysis Techniques

  • Why we have way too much data and not enough insights
  • The definition of a key performance indicator
  • Why you should not trust averages and what you should trust instead
  • How distractions overcome the limitations of averages
  • Why percentages can be misleading
  • How raw numbers can help clarify the meaning of percentages
  • Why you should resist the temptation to set ratio "rules of thumb"
  • Why you much setup proper incentives
  • Why compound metrics are useless

Understanding KPIs Through Email Marketing Analytics

  • Why email matters
  • The three categories of data in email marketing
  • The twelve KPIs used in email analytics
  • How to analyze KPIs to track the performance of your email campaigns
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Avinash Kaushik
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