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You have so little time to get your customer's attention. This course shows you how to make your direct mail package cut through the clutter and boost your response rates. You'll learn how to create all the elements of a direct mail package and come to recognize the key elements that affect the success of a direct mail campaign.


  • Why direct mail remains an important direct marketing channel
  • What you need to know about direct mail formats
  • Evaluating direct mail creative
  • Components of the direct mail package
  • What you need to know about direct mail production

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced

Direct Mail Defined

  • What is direct mail?
  • A channel in transformation
  • USPS research
  • Effective direct mail
  • Direct mail do's and dont'ts
  • What is unaddressed mail?

Direct Mail Formats

  • Business reply envelope (BRE)
  • Catalog
  • Classic direct mail package
  • Cooperative mailing (Co-op)
  • Dimensional mail
  • Direct mail kit (DMK)
  • Double postcard
  • Inserts (package and statement)
  • Postcard
  • Self-mailer
  • Adapting to ever-changing new mail formats, options and requirements

Components of the Direct Mail Package

  • Outer envelope - types and areas of importance to get opened
  • Sales letter - structure and design
  • Brochure
  • Response device
  • Lift letter
  • Buckslip
  • Case study or testimonial
  • Reply envelope

What You Need to Know About Direct Mail Production

  • Standard commercial mailing sizes
  • Printing
  • Addressing vs. personalizing
  • Variable data printing
  • PURLs (Personalized URLs)
  • Quick response codes (QR codes)
  • Lettershops
  • Order of insertion and reading order
  • Postage

Creating and Evaluating Direct Mail Creative

  • The message strategy brief - beginning the creative process
  • Developing intellectual, emotional and personal copy appeals
    • Basic human wants
    • Kinds of copy - what does the prospect want or need to know
  • Bob Stone's seven step formula for winning letters
  • John Caple's direct marketing principles
  • Ten point direct marketing copy checklist
  • Design - a few words to get you started
Ron Jacobs

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