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This course will review the key strategies and principles of database marketing. You’ll receive detailed instruction on how to use database marketing techniques to identify, segment, and target an audience. You’ll also develop a database strategy to reach your intended audience and meet your short- and long-term marketing goals.


  • Marketing strategy: what it is and how it works
  • Designing a customer retention program
  • Customer lifetime value calculation and use

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced

Marketing Strategy

  • Where is the data?
  • Overcoming the pitfalls in database marketing
    • No one understands the customer because no one has all the information
    • Lack of a database marketing strategy
    • Using the database to provide discounts instead of loyalty
    • Insufficient budget for building loyalty
    • Lack of forceful leadership
    • Building a marketing database in-house

The Customer Retention Program

  • Why customer retention is important
  • Methods of retention
    • Recruit the right customers to start with
    • Communicate with and reward them
    • Sell them a second product

Lifetime Value

  • Calculating new present value and lifetime value
  • Lifetime value in your database
Arthur Middleton Hughes

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