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  • Overview

    There is no magic formula for making your marketing message “go viral,” but there are some core principles that marketers can utilize to increase the odds of success. In this course, Jennifer Evans Cario explains the core concepts, strategies, success stories, and checklists for brainstorming, designing, and launching your viral marketing campaign.


    • What is Viral Marketing?
    • What Drives the Spread?
    • Qualities of a Viral Idea
    • Brainstorming Ideas
    • Matching Campaign to Goal
    • Orchestrating the Launch

    Approximately 4-6 hrs over a 3 month period
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  • Download Outline

    What is Viral Marketing?

    • The basics of viral marketing
    • Why viral marketing works so well
    • How to increase viral potential with online social media platforms
    • Why you need to be using viral marketing
    • The Four Commandments of Viral Marketing

    What Drives the Spread?

    • What makes people share
    • What types of campaigns will spread and grow
    • How to leverage existing networks
    • How to create appeal on multiple levels
    • How campaign can spread too much

    Qualities of a Viral Idea

    • The importance of clear communication with consumers
    • The six traits essential to a viral marketing success
    • How popular companies use certain techniques in their campaigns

    Brainstorming Ideas

    • The three main goals of viral marketing
    • 11 questions to ask yourself in order to maintain your goals
    • What to research before launching your campaign

    Matching Campaign to Goal

    • How to set specific goals for your campaign
    • How to tie your message into your campaign
    • How to find a balance between sales and brand driven campaigns
    • How to work with the Brand vs. Sales scale

    Orchestrating the Launch

    • What the right starting points are to research
    • The Overlapping Ripple Effect
    • The key aspects of a great pitch
    • The corporate social media curve