Social Media Marketing

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  • Overview

    Social media is an up-and-coming channel in direct marketing. Learn how to create and profit from blogs, microblogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, online videos, and photos. Develop your own social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. You’ll come away knowing how to develop an integrated social media marketing strategy, including nine critical points in the use of social media.


    • Social media defined
    • Why add social media to the direct marketing mix
    • Social media marketing framework
    • Social media marketing options
    • How to use social media marketing

    Approximately 90 minutes – self paced

    Member – $189
    Non-member – $219


  • Download Outline

    Social Media Overview

    • Define social media
    • A look at the social media landscape
    • 6 reasons to get involved
      • “Control” or impact the message
      • Provide customer service
      • Encourage loyalty
      • Personalize your brand-show personality
      • Show your authority or expertise
      • Impact sales
      • Learn about your customer
    • The future of social media

    Getting Started: Listening and Planning

    • Social media and listening
    • Monitoring tools
    • Developing a social media plan
      • Choose the right network(s)
      • Develop your brand’s voice
      • Create a content plan
      • Integrate with the marketing mix
      • Plan for staffing and budget
      • Get internal buy-in and manage expectations
      • Consider legal & PR

    Goals, Metrics & Spreading the Word

    • Setting goals and metrics
      • Drive awareness
      • Generate sales/sales leads
      • Measure the effectiveness of other ads
      • Drive consumer loyalty
    • What’s being measured? Comparing and reporting on it
    • Driving traffic to your social network
      • Ads
      • Influencer outreach
      • Sweeps and contests

    I’m Involved in Social Media, Now What?

    • Social media next steps
      • Listen, absorb, repeat
      • Audit your competitors
      • Keep up with trends
      • Identify and work with brand passionistas
      • Work with brand passionistas
    • Is there such a thing as failure?