Retail and E-Commerce

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  • Overview

    E-commerce has fundamentally altered the customer buying experience, so it’s imperative to learn how businesses should account for the latest developments. In this course, you’ll redesign customer business processes for multichannel marketing as you learn about payment processing, online shopping, affiliate programs, and measurements of success. Discover how to create, maintain, and optimize a successful e-commerce site, including the all-important landing page, user-friendly navigation, and the shopping cart – all to help increase your conversion rate.


    • How retail, catalogs and e-commerce have come together
    • The online buyer/seller model
    • Basic components of the e-commerce enterprise
    • Three ways to measure e-commerce marketing success

    Approximately 90 minutes – self paced

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  • Download Outline

    Introduction to Multichannel Marketing

    • The evolution of retailing
      • The retail industry perspective
      • Smart retailers integrate operations merchandising and marketing
      • Map strategies for multichannel success
      • Multichannel shopper programs
    • The social retail customer and the e-commerce opportunity
      • Connected customers require a new approach
      • Case study: Best Buy’s fully integrated connection with customers

    Elements of an e-Commerce Website

    • Electronic catalogs
      • Features
      • Static web pages vs. dynamic web pages
      • A basic e-commerce website
      • Case study: website breakdown
    • E-commerce business processes
      • E-commerce merchant applications
      • The buyer/seller model
      • Elements of the online shopping storefron
      • The e-commerce payment process
      • Managing the e-commerce fulfillment process
      • Affiliate marketing programs
      • Using cookies

    Multichannel and E-Commerce Measurement

    • Measuring website performance
      • Visitors and tracking
      • Web logs
    • Testing
      • Elements of testing
      • Types of testing
        • A/B testing
        • Multivariate
    • Case study: Zappos