Introduction and Overview of Direct Marketing

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  • Overview

    Gain an important overview of online and offline direct marketing channels – from print to web to social media. Explore the move toward integrated marketing and discover how direct marketing strategies can be used effectively in all media. You’ll review best practices and techniques and learn how to apply them in a multichannel environment.


    • What you need to know about the direct marketing process
    • Describing the transforming role of marketing in the 21st Century
    • The key elements of direct marketing
    • Foundations of direct marketing segmentation
    • Measuring direct marketing performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Building customer relations
    • Differences in B2B and B2C marketing
    • Integrating direct marketing in a multi-channel environment

    Approximately 90 minutes – self paced

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  • Download Outline

    Introduction to Direct Marketing

    • Integrated direct marketing
      • Key concepts
    • Being customer-centric
      • Segmentation
    • Today’s marketing channels
    • Objectives and execution of direct marketing campaigns

    Direct Marketing in the 21st Century

    • Email marketing
      • Email along the entire marketing continuum
    • Social media marketing
      • Why get involved?
    • Mobile marketing
      • Evolution and the intersection of media
    • Digital marketing
      • Web and search
    • Retail and e-commerce
      • Reaching connected customers requires a new approach
    • Creating compelling offers and propositions
      • An integrated offer
    • Fundamental copywriting and creative strategies
      • Effective word use and layout design
    • Direct mail campaigns
      • A channel in transformation
    • Relationship marketing
      • Customer equity
    • Business-to-business marketing
      • B-to-B versus B-to-C

    Direct Marketing Measurement

    • Research and testing in marketing
      • How direct marketing research works
    • Marketing metrics
      • Direct marketing requires a measurement mindset
    • Marketing databases
      • Creating a complete picture of your multichannel customer