Integrated Marketing – Live Online

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MCM0115(Every Wednesday) Sept. 17 - Oct. 22, 20141:00-2:30 pm ESTOnlineRegister
MCM0215(Every Thursday) Jan. 8 - Feb. 12, 20151:00-2:30 pm ESTOnlineSold Out
MCM0315(Every Wednesday) May 6 - June 10, 20151:00-2:30 pm ESTOnlineRegister

  • Overview
    With the ever-expanding demand for integrated, personalized marketing, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Mass marketing (broadcast media) has lost its grip as the prevalent marketing strategy and multichannel marketing (narrowcast media) is now being recognized as the relevant, cutting-edge marketing strategy to understand and execute.

    This course will present five experts in various channels of integrated marketing with an overview and action plan section that will help you pull it all together. We’ll make sure you stay ahead of the curve with six weeks of information and solutions to the challenges you are facing.


    • Introduction: Right Customer, Right Time, Right Channel
    • Overviewing the Channels
    • Understand How Customers Define a Transformational Customer Journey
    • Dealing with Data
    • Content Strategy
    • Amplify!

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  • Download Outline

    Week 1: Introduction: Right Customer, Right Time, Right Channel

    • Defining: Integrated, Multi-channel and Omni-channel Marketing
    • The key challenges to integration
    • Adapting marketing across people, platforms, processes, channels and screens
    • Case studies: Who is doing it right and how?
    • Taking inventory – An assignment

    Week 2: Overviewing the Channels

    • Traditional channels – print, mail and email
    • So/Mo/Lo – social, mobile and location
    • Digital web – websites and search (SEO and PPC), display & OBA
    • Media0 paid, owned and earned
    • What’s next – virtual reality and NFC

    Week 3: Understand How Customers Define a Transformational Customer Journey

    • VoC Research findings; How consumers (BtoB and BtoC) define Customer Experiences
    • 5 insights for providing a significantly improved Customer Journey
    • 3 best in class case studies; MassMutual, HMS National and Gilt
    • Tips for personalized multichannel engagement
    • 12 action items for Customer Journey transformation

    Week 4: Dealing with Data

    • Targeting: lists, profiles and personas
    • Compliance: self-governance, guidelines and best practices
    • Results: Cross channel testing, analytics and attribution

    Week 5: Content Strategy

    • Content with value: supporting business objectives and customer needs
    • Successful storytelling across channels – tips to attract, inspire and engage your audience
    • Leveraging content assets across channels – what works best and where
    • Case studies – consistency is key!

    Week 6: Amplify

    • Case studies: Learning from your pi-shaped peers
    • Taking action – What to do tomorrow to maximize your integrated strategy
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