Integrated Marketing

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  • Overview

    In this module, you’ll take on the role of a Marketing Technologist in the exciting and ever-changing world of Integrated Marketing in the Digital Age. You will develop a systematic methodology for conceptualizing, designing, executing and managing an Integrated Marketing Campaign. You will first build a Foundation of knowledge about the history of Integrated Marketing and where it is headed in the future. Next, you will understand the Synergy that exists between creative, marketing channels, offer, operations and analytics. Lastly, you will take a step-by-step tour through the Process of building and launching an Integrated Marketing Campaign.


    • Provide students with an ample review of integrated marketing best theory and best practices
    • Define the numerous variables associated with Integrated Marketing
    • Provide a framework for students to understand how to plan and execute an Integrated Marketing Campaign

    Approximately 90 minutes – self paced

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    Non-member – $219


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    • What is the definition of Integrated Marketing?
    • What are Integrated Marketing Success Factors?
    • What to Consider Regarding Branding?
    • Is Integrated Marketing Data Driven?
    • What Options for running Integrated Campaigns?


    • What is Integrated Marketing in the Digital Age?
    • Where have we been and how did we get here?
    • How did Google change everything?


    • What is Integrated Marketing Synergy Pyramid?
    • How does your target audience use technology?
    • Integrated Marketers should think about Lifetime Value


    • What is the Integrated Marketing Process?
    • Discovery Stage
    • Strategy Stage
    • Tactics Stage
    • Production Stage
    • Execution Stage