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  • Overview

    Create profit- and lead-generating emails that stand out in overcrowded inboxes. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify your target audience and oversee the deployment of email messages that garner the response you want. You’ll also discover the importance of permission-based email campaigns and other ethical guidelines that are crucial for your company’s bottom line.


    • Email within the direct marketing mix
    • Rules and regulations: permission and email ethics
    • Reputation and delivery
    • Creating an email campaign
    • Email analytics: measuring campaign performance and response

    Approximately 90 minutes – self paced

    Member – $189
    Non-member – $219


  • Download Outline

    Email Within the Direct Marketing Mix

    • Used along the entire marketing continuum
    • ROI is higher than other direct response vehicles
    • Direct marketing basics still apply
    • What is different?

    Rules and Regulations: Permission and Email Ethics

    • Why is permission so important?
    • The six “Cs” of permission
    • Permission pitfalls
    • Opt-in (single and double)
    • Permission best practices

    Roadmap to Developing an Effective Email Campaign

    • List (look for expanded topic in Advanced Email Marketing)
      • Online email list building basics
      • Best practices
      • Top 10 measures to ensure list viability
      • List management musts
    • Offers
      • Compelling offers
      • Offer “Do’s”
      • Offer “Don’ts”
    • Creative
      • Ingredients for brilliant creative
      • Email header best practices
      • Personalization
      • Body copy tips
      • Link strategy tips
      • What’s “in the box”?
      • Optimizing HTML
      • Tips for developing email styles
    • Send
      • Three basics of campaign deployment
      • Sending checklist
      • Resources: what you need
      • Vendor selection checklist
      • QC process checklist

    Email Analytics: Measuring Campaign Performance Response

    • Critical types of measures
      • Process metrics
      • Influence metrics
      • Feedback metrics
      • Contribution metrics
    • Campaign process metric indicators
      • Delivery or “bounce” rate
      • Unsubscribe
      • Open rate
      • Click-through rate
      • Conversion rate