Advanced Marketing Metrics

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  • Overview

    In this course, you’ll explore advanced financial and marketing tools. Learn how to use profit-and-loss statements and perform related analyses, including break-even, marketing allowable, sales forecasting, and lifetime value analysis. All formulas and analytical methods are explained step-by-step with examples so you can understand the calculations and apply them yourself.


    • Acquisition campaign metrics
    • Retention campaign metrics
    • Putting direct marketing results into context

    Approximately 90 minutes – self paced

    Member – $189
    Non-member – $219


  • Download Outline

    Profit and Loss Development

    • Components of the Statement
      • Revenues
      • Variable Expense Details

    Other Types of Costs

    • Controllable/Non-controllable
    • Incremental
    • Relevant
    • Opportunity
    • Hidden
    • Sunk

    Profit and Loss Sensitivity Analysis

    • Break Even
    • Marketing Allowable

    Lifetime Value Analysis

    • Reasons to Use and Its Influence
    • Marketing Expenses Involved
      • Acquisition
      • Retention
      • Referral Marketing
    • Discount Rate