Business-to-Business Marketing (B2B)

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Business-to-Business Marketing (B2B) On-Demand

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It's crucial to recognize the differences between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Learn to identify the essential sources of prospect data needed for effective B2B marketing. Gain new skills in creative strategy to develop offers that motivate responses from your business buyers. You'll come away from this course with effective strategies for persuading those hard-to-reach business associates, whether they are the end-user, influencer, or decision-maker.


  • How direct marketing plays in B-to-B
  • Data issues in B-to-B
  • Data hygiene
  • Developing irresistible offers
  • Compelling B-to-B creative
  • Five key principles of B-to-B creative

Approximately 90 minutes - self paced

B-to-B Introduction

  • The Direct Marketer in B-to-B
    • B-to-B Growth
    • Direct Marketer's Value in B-to-B
  • The Direct Marketers B-to-B Toolkit
    • The Target Audience
    • The Offer
    • Creative

B-to-B Data

  • Maintaining the B-to-B Marketing Database
    • Data Sources: Where Business Marketers Get Customer Information
    • Essential B-to-B Data Fields You Should Have in Your Database
    • How B-to-B Data is Structured: The Company Comes First
    • Data Append: How to Purchase the Key Data Elements You Need
    • Data Discovery: Filling in the Holes in Your Customer Records
  • Prospect Lists
    • How to Reach Your Prospects: Lists, Co-op Databases, and Industry Specialty Sources
    • Internet as a New Source of Valuable Business Data

Data Hygiene

  • The Alarming Decay Rates of Business Data
  • Seven Tactics to Clean Up and Maintain Your B-to-B Data
  • The Benefits of Clean Data

B-to-B Offers

  • The Role of the Offers in B-to-B Marketing
  • Five Steps to Offer Development
  • The Best Offer to Motivate Business Buyers
  • Ways to Enhance Your Offer and Lift Response

B-to-B Creative

  • The Decision-Making Unit
    • How to Segment Creative by Buying Role
  • B-to-B Advertising
    • B-to-B Ads Need Work
    • Questions to Ask Yourself About Creative
  • 5 Key Principles of B-to-B Creative
    • Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Audience
    • Stress Benefits Versus Features
    • Drive the Offer
    • Design for Clarity Over Beauty
    • Use a Personal, Me-to-You Tone
  • Social Media
  • Case Study: Berendsen Textile, DMA ECHO Award Winner
Ruth Stevens

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